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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

our first disagreement...

the biz and i ( this is sarah typing, lara is standing over me....hawk eye) we fighting over if this picture is aaron vincent or not?
for all you bloggers who took the time to stop by our work in progress, tell us what you think?? If it's eating you up inside, not to worry the anwser will be posted in a week. We are drunk--but we not apologizing for the fact that we are bad spellers when we are dead sober.......we love aahron!!!


Meghan said...

Here's my two cents...

Are you refering to dude with the glasses? Definately not. That dudes older. Wiser... and more Jewish.

But he could be one of the lanky long limbed fellas in the background....

Jason said...

I ended up being like...yeah...but no...but I favour of "It is" Aaron. I wasn't cnofident enough to blog it though, which is saying a lot. About confidence. Visit my blog at now 37% as cute as the blog you are reading right now.

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