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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i know what you did last summer(S)

On the teeter- totter days of spring versus summer
we cant help but get fucking excited about all the fabulous things were anticipating for the cuming up months...
ill give you a little teaser to whats hott in summer

top 5 play through lazy hazy cds that i just recently purchased
1- lavender diamond- imagine our love
2- au revoir simone- au revoir simone
3- blonde redhead- misery is a butterfly
4- charlotte ganisbourg- 5:55
5- wilco- sky blue sky

last 5 wicked songs played on our i think the name of it is cd player, not sure haven't heard the term in a while
1- broadcast - americas boy
2- steely dan - im a fool to do your dirty work
3- nice and smooth - sometimes i rhyme slow
4- tunng - the pionners (such a good strolling on the sidewalks song)
5- the smiths - big mouth strikes again

top 5 things
1- margaritas patio
2- lavender purple dutch bikes
3- sweaty bodies
3- snow cones, but if not accessible then summers ice cream
4- summer crushes



biz said...

Just so ya know, it's cool to comment

BBQ said...

I liked the blog post way better than the movie.

MegZie said...

Is that picture of you firing through cd's. Or of you, clearly mid-day looking to purchase more goods? Very SuSpecious behaviour. SKY BLUE SKY baby.

MegZie said...

ppps: nightswimming and mushrooms? Come'on now.

Art said...

that was a really good post. well thought out comments, lists, quotes, labels etc.

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