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Monday, July 2, 2007

home is where the heart is

as you may have noticed the lack of blog posts..
the reason behind this absence is the runaway connector cord to my cammy
which so wonderfully has found its way back home.
through out the next little while you shall be stumbling upon my MIA photos...

the other day i was in dire need of some cantaloupe
so i run, run, run, to the convenient store
as i was cutting it open i felt my mouth watering,
i knew it was going to satisfy my craving...
and this is what i found, honeydew disguised as cantaloupe
i took a bite and, girl guides honor, it was radioactive

xxo lara


benjamin raine said...

I had heard the story and was more than concerned .. however, now that I see this mongoloid melon with my own two eyes I'm scared, alone and questioning everything I thought I ever knew about fruit and more specifically melons both of the honeydew and cantaloupe varitey. I hope you had your stomach pumped.

benjamin raine said...

Out of curiosity I just looked up the direct definition of mongoloid. I am too horrified to tell you what it is so let me just say that you should try and refrain from using it in your everyday vocabulary or on blog postings that you cannot delete ... ouch

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