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Saturday, August 11, 2007

so, what did you do today? sooo... who do you like?

Elephant Shoes
I love you
Olive Juice

Lara Came back, I thought she was a goner

More study= less C+. Seriously. Danny doesn't help much either.

Bad tipper spotted at University of Toronto

Chicken Caesar makes me smile

This guy doesn't look on the blog

Air, this way


Vaneska said...

Wknd plans? I can help you study. Actually, I should be studying for the GREs.

Art said...

everytime i read bad tipper, i laugh out loud.

my fellow patrons are looking at me funny after i downed an excessive amount of coffee and proceeded to giggle to myself.

BBQ said...

My fellow tippers are looking at me funny after I downed an excessive amount of Patron, walked to the bar and ordered a coffee

Art said...

jason, we can converse on the blog!
i love it.

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vincent merany

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