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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

door girls, plaid on plaid, matching and love for moms

sisters from different misters?


Bizfan17 said...

Are Peemilk and Danny out for Halloween as "Married Siblings From the Ozarks"?



Art said...

who is bizfan17?

Anonymous said...

i loooove lara, i see her all the time on queen west but i'm too shy to talk to you think she'd ever go for a guy like me?

bizfan17 said...


I think Lara totally would go for a guy like you, you seem cool. Just keep your spirits up and remember that baskets of fresh berries are the new bouquet of roses.

78% of Lara's relationships have been with guys that were deemed "unexpected" by 95% of the people polled.

You've got a shot, DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!!!

Barf Italian Dressing said...

All the girls in Winnipeg keep biting Biz/GGLTT. See facebook for proof

Art said...

who's barf italian dressing?

Barf Italian Dressing said...

Who's art?


What's art?

Art said...

oooooh barf italian.

wouldn't you like to know....

Barf Italian Dressing said...

I would, I really really would

I bet you kook like a painting

I'm a sandwich artists

Art said...

whooooooooo are yoooooooou.
we could have a creepy internet romance.
art + barf italian dressing = bffe

Barf Italian Dressing said...

"You have to creep, before you walk"

"A foolish dog bark at a flying bird"

"A patient man ride Donkey"

-Junior Murvin

Art said...

you're driving me crazy!!!!!!

i love you.

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vincent merany

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