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Friday, January 4, 2008

A biz-biz Holiday

The links below are songs that made us smile while celebrating, over-sleeping, driving, giggling and mingling over the last few weeks. Enjoy.

The Moldy Peaches. Anyone else but you

The Marvelettes. Don't mess with bill

Dire Straits. Romeo and Juliet

Snow, snow, snow.

Bowties and Fringe.

Blurry Shannon.

A crack in the lake.

Drinks with Friends.

Morning Hangovers.

Looks like Siberia.

Snakes on a plane.

Biz in the backseat.

Ladies at Bar I.

All suited up.

New jackets from grandma's house.

One very excited new years biz.

Playing in the snow.

Cute sweaters and dresses and girls and boy.

BizBIz logo's all over the place.

Dinners at home.

Trainors for drinks.

lunch with dad

route 90



lara said...

good post biz!
i was wondering when one of us would get of our lazy bums and post some pictures.
xxo miss you

Anonymous said...

harry c luvs the biz.

too drunk to fuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
too drunk to fuck said...

hear what i sayay better keep awayay ooohoo' don't mess with biz oh no no no. the blog is perfect, all wpg'd up. lets sleep school eat and party til we see eachother next / then do it again. love ya.

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