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Thursday, February 26, 2009

work hard for it, honey

I've been at work before 8AM every day this week. It is a rare pleasure to watch the sunlight pour between the buildings stacked like domino's.
Sexual subway sculptures entertain me while I wait.
Groggy mornings aren't that bad.

this garment district worker really needs a day off.

i'm a lot less scared of LOST after living in this city; there is black smoke everywhere.

And just as I start to think that maybe fashion is in danger of taking itself too seriously, Isaac Mizrahi gives us bags as hats.

I SURVIVED, unlike our dear friend the unicorn.


Benny said...

Good Job Worker Bee.

I am currently involved in a similar experiment of personal endurance and find it tough but strangely gratifying .... either that or I no longer know who I am.

Keep on Keepin' on.

These cartoons are cute as I lay in bed.
The Needle is my fav and oh so true.
Where have all the honest docs gone?

adorable said...

those hats

teen witch said...

those hats are too cute. i liked this post, mainly because of the lost reference. me thinks the black smoke will start to show its face more and more... i'm at the part...i forget where. ben and i took a long break...but there is some crazy shit happening. oh man.

benjaminelynius said...

get back on the island!! and bring some of those hats!

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