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Monday, October 12, 2009

flower power

back in feburary when i was working for samantha pleet
i posted about a little trip we took to philly to work on her rapscallion urban outfitter collection
while rolling in bed with an achy belly from to much yummy in my tummy from last night
i was doing at little web shopping and came across these jumpers...that i hand painted the textile for. . i was pretty excited

and these little booties on the right i painted tooo.o.o.o.o.


Genevieve said...

lara you've made it!!! you're amazing! we all need matching! xo

teen witch said...

un-friggin'-believable. i love this print soooo much. each tiny flower is so beautiful, such a laborious process reflecting how much you love what you do. xoxo

sarah (1/2 biz) said...


amazzzzing bizzy!


sarah said...

i'm buying one, just so i can brag for you

Jody said...

lara! that is so great! Gorgeous!

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