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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

miami is where neon goes to die
Interviewer extraordinaire working it at The Webster
Franz west, lying knot
jill sander pony dress
dinner at tap tap
google art.
Ok, ready, switch
to the beach and back again
camera one
camera two
um. yeah.
victor and rolf s/s 2010
can i get that in a poster?
almost at 25
wise words go right over our heads
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teen witch said...

i am so jealous of this trip. these photos- which i'm sure are just the tip of the iceberg- are so cute. and the last two remind me of other photos of sars frolicking in the ocean in hawaii. work that camera gurl!

Genevieve said...

you girlies look so beautiful! so jealous, it's a must we all do this trip next year! x

Anonymous said...

jesus sarah, you are STUNNING. so so achingly beautiful.

i gotta say, though, SNP is starting to look rather, er, weathered.

the critic said...

Best post ever.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing what red you wear on your tips? It's perfect!

lara said...

if by weathered you mean tanned.
i would have to agree.

Anonymous said...

both sarah's are looking lovely.. .

and who is this other chick, love the redish locks.

looks like a fucking blast

Rick Ross (the boss) said...

You didn't call me.

sarah said...

chanel #14, passion - da best

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