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Monday, April 23, 2007

peg city

Nooo time to write about all the fun and trouble stirred up in the peg this past week. Tessa and Krista, if your sister make you look at the blog---sorry that we didn't get to hang out more in TO!! Hope your toe made a fast recovery. Sorry this is kinda a lame post.


Art said...

is that the best shot you got of us?
retro. great word.
great hat.
creepy moustache.
but great bolo tie. oh and three-piece suit. oh and dog. yeah italian greyhound.

Art said...

i hear that guy only hooks up with chubby goth girls that mallrat the local hot topic. ewwwwwwwww.

biz said...

source? We did think Hot Topic was cool that one road trip...

Art said...

yes momentarily. while berg was working her matching white pumps, blazer, pleated mini and clutch, i think we were both fascinated by the alternative fashion statement of black, cherries, skulls and fishnets. but only momentarily.

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