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Monday, April 23, 2007

"so it's going to be pictures of me and a bunch of sayings"

A certain someone mentioned that he looks at the blog everyday?? oh really, comment.


kevin said...

finally! bout time you updated the blog!!!!! sweet photos! so good seeing you in the peg. hopefully I will come party in toronto this summer.

BBQ said...

Every day...macaroni and jeez...speaking of which, don't overburden yourself(ves), but I'm down to two boxes. They playoffs are on, here's a saying for you: "Pardon me cindy/mel/ashley/samantha/janine/lilac from halifax/sarnia/nelson/thompson/duncan would you like to come back to my old school and eat some craft dinner while listening to "Fireworks" or perhaps some Moist. I may even have some Peanuts and Corn sandwiched between 69 Love Songs.


biz said...

j.--original or sprial or what?

Art said...

yay blog. it looks lovely. oh jason---69 love songs still breaks my heart. still. but better yet...everyone should come back home, we can scrap the patios, and instead enjoy wine, watermelon salad, and leonard cohen on sunset blvd. with a joint. oh pulease.

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We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

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vincent merany

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