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Thursday, February 14, 2008

hit me with your love arrow

a compilation of love
big mountain. baby i love your way
frank wilson. do i love you
leonard cohen. aint no cure for love
steve miller band.jungle love
nouvelle vague. ever fall in love
british sea powera lovely day tomorrow
b52s. love shack
the you love me?
the raveonettes. love gang
van morrison.the way young lovers do
the la love you
wilco. im the man who loves you
bob love
maria mckee. if love is a red dress
joy will tear us apart
dean & britta.our love will still be there
the pretenders.lovers of today
rolling stones.keys to your love
fleetwood mac. big love
paul simon. 50 ways to leave your lover
annie lenox. no more i love yous
stereo total. i love you, ono
bruce cockburn. lovers in a dangerous time
haircut 100. love plus one
we love you blog viewers
p.s all of you new to the blog world, these songs are all links to the real thing.


Anonymous said...

so cute! i love you bizzes...

worst day/hangover/celebration in a long time.

all is full of love - bjork
Can't help falling in love with you - Elvis
does he love you - rilo kiley
do you love me ow - the breeders
friday i'm in love - the cure
crazy love - van morrisson
digital love - daft punk
all of my love - led zeppelin
all you need is love - the beatles

Anonymous said...

best bst best best blog contribution ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MegZie said...

Cure= LOVESONG ultimate favorite. Goodpost gals. I; going to the cure in 2 weeks booooyyyaaaa, pants are optional

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