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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We arrived!

Bryant Park

Didn't we say EAST 39th?

Still made it to dinner, thanks Anita!

Trevor & Benny!

I asked for a discount but paid full price.

HI Grandma! Put that paper in the memory book.
Girls with boys names are the greatest.

Notice the borrowed Python Proenza shoes.

We needed dessert.

What are you looking at?

And pizza.

Random Goodness.

Cutest Girls + 1 Celeb.


The photos aren't working anymore but PLEASE look it up yourselves (, big bows, paper airplane inspirations and sequins all over the place. TOO GOOD & Truely Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing with cherries on top!


New outfits worn by open windows.

Random run-ins

Sharon, I love you.

This is what dreams are made of.

So amazing.

John snapping photos over my shoulder.

Can you even believe it?

This is the point when my eyes start watering.

Betseys 30th year, the show re-visits old favorites.

Old friends are new again.

Until next time.


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toofuckedtodrunk said...

will you blog my photographs? someone's gotta see 'em with some witty banter around. we'll do it together this week and start a new series of dvds and pick up something delicious...i'm thinking whole foods chili?
ps: walks and gossiptrain this week?

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