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Saturday, December 13, 2008

holiday. celebration. come together in every nation

one of the cutest things about betsey is she takes the time to get to know everyones names. she crowned me, miss. toronto.

Daisy and I. the jamaican accounting master that would get us to pick up her cow feet soup at the local caribbean restaurant. I only went once. And couldn't ever do it again after i saw the clear garbage bag full of chicken wing.

Ashley the newly positioned illustrator with whitney betseys assistant

the tree i decorated

carissa our fit model with dean

my last day at betsey. tear. as the interns gather for a group photo.

I head home on monday. boy oh boy. i will be the happiest chicken in town.


teen witch said...

oh so so so so cute!!!!

gigi said...

larry can't to see you!!! xo

gigi said...

oops i missed "wait"....can't wait to see you! ha

sar said...


this is so cute. i'm so proud of you!!

GregGrist said...

I'm so excited to see you!
you look more amazing than i remember.

MegZie said...

What's next???
I will be in Toronto on Friday evening. Winnipeg on Tuesday.
Let's tip a few doz

Dick said...

that looks like a lovely internship lara! perfect for you.

liza101 said...

home as in toronto, or are you going back to the peg?

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