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Thursday, December 4, 2008

sarah's doppelganger

i actually thought this was you.


bjorn fan said...

i really wish you would wear jeans and sweat-shirts / sneakers, a few more times a year. oxo

recon stance said...

It's not, I saw her...that is to say...I seen her.

Sampress Negativity said...

I wish that too.

Federer, My Best Game said...

Me too.

Agassiz, What You Mean said...


Becker & Fakin said...

We half get it.

Connors WIth Honours said...

What does it all mean?

marantz amplified said...

speak up

neil young said...

I read the news today, oh boy!

benny said...

I swear I just pulled this sweatshirt out of the dryer, it's folded on the kitchen table right now, ask sarah.

this post scares me a little.

s. low 'the mennis' macenroe said...

alright you raquetteheads, winch those loose nets or it's smashy-smashy on your moonballing imaginations. strictly gut-string business over here, it's like a yellow-fuzz factory.

That kid who bet Lance and Patches (Johnny Somebody?) said...

Whoever Smash Mcenroe is...well...well...well...wellllllcome to the court:


Take two.

I'll be the guy on the bassline, scuffy white sneakers and smelling divine.

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