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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the streets of philadelphia

Yesterday I accompanied my boss samantha Pleet on a little train trip to philly for her design meeting with urban Outfitters. This picture below is of city hall and atop is there little golden boy william Penn, who has a little tale of his own.
The Urban headquarters are in an old marine corps that, have warehouse apon warehouse of a designers dream world
One of the warehouses holds there cafeteria which serves sushi,salad, and all things health with a gym atop to-boot 
below is a picture of samantha in one of the entrances  

there was this amazing sitting area that had what seamed like a 100mile long comfy couch for when the workers needed to kick there feet up. 


Benny said...

Lara, you ooze cool, always. I love it.

PS Samantha is so cute. She looks like she is the offspring of Zooey Deschanel and Janeane Garofalo ... which on paper SHOULD NOT be cute but somehow she really pulls it off.

Her 'moms' would be proud.

Anonymous said...

where is the bag from in the last pic?

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