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Saturday, May 16, 2009

black and white and cute all over.


Vaneska said...


dani said...

such a good picture. hope you're in the magazine!

bjorn borg said...

if i saw you walking, i would whistle, hoot or maybe trip on my own feet. such a babe..

bjorn borg said...
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sarah nicole said...

this is the best thing in black and white since breakfast at tiffany's. yes, even better than oreos in milk. big <3s!

Anonymous said...

supppper adorable!

mark jacobs said...

Colonel Sanders rebellious niece moves to London from Kentucky to be a punk. Finding out that she's more than 30 years late, she settles for "a solid nine."



@ "Gemma"

A way worse name, pass the crisps and the Lucozade the Rugby is on 4 on the telly at half five innit.

The British Consolate said...

"Gemma" is a common name in England.

It's short for Gemmima, don't you know?

Bizzlerz bigger in 2010 yo!

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