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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

merciful dave.

My grandfather was the quintessential embodiment of cool.
He will be missed by many, thought of often, and remembered always.

you can read a little about his amazing accomplishments, hilarious antics, and very full life: here, here, here, and here


laura serra said...

hey sarah - it's laura (commonly known among you folk as "benji's friend laura"). this ode to your grandpa was really touching. if he passed recently, my condolences.

hope to play soon.

lara said...

I hope all men grow up to be such fine gentlemen as your grampa. He not only lit up rooms with his presence but he lights up the blog with his big smiles.

teen witch said...

sarah, your grandpa is just the cutest ever. the apple did not fall far from the tree.

oh and please provide more back story to the toilet shot (no details just context).

xoxo love you

andrew said...

I'm just a distant acquaintance who has great reverence for those who live great lives...
beautiful images.

Anonymous said...

great pictures...i really get a feel of the man through them.
i gather he's gone... memories are the salve that heals the pain of loss. keep celebrating him

Anonymous said...

love old pics and these are amazing

liza101 said...

Hey Marantz, I heard about your grandfather from Dave, I wanted to send my condolences and all my love.

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