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Monday, June 29, 2009

big hearts

Little Larry V always was a special seed,
and now her fame flower is blooming.
We are the water and the sunshine and the love.
Her goodness will travel like pollen,
the breeze will blow and her girls will glow.

Always so proud of you biz.


Chris said...

I wish there were a "like this" option for blog posts

Anonymous said...

lara is such a beauty, i adore that photo and the charming interview

Quinny "The Pooh" Peek - Cue said...

The biggest. Plus, I heard she thinks pot bellies are cute. However, Sar just posted hearts to my facebook, so she's in the lead...fight!

a bare-headed benny said...

Lar you are simply the best. so proud and happy for you.
I hope I am the first to model your men's line if and when.

Anonymous said...

you are a godessssssssssss

robin. (red.) said...

so happy for you!!! lots-o-love<3

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We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

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vincent merany

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