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Monday, June 15, 2009

bums the word.



Anonymous said...

sweet cheeks

unlocked doors said...

benny looks good beside those hot wheels. cute summery photos girls. xxo

teen witch said...

your bum looks so good.

Anonymous said...

great summer pics!!! love the bumbum, hot dude with the wheels and lazy afternoons in denim and plaid...looks like the style section of some cool mag
can i play with you guys?

benecio said...

That stingray almost looks as good as your derriere in those lovers....

Ad Rock Irondacks said...


So if B-rain wears wallys with shorts and looks dope does that mean husky dudes like me can?


So if B-rain wears flippity flops and looks dope does that mean husky dudes like me can?

child warlock said...

Teen Witch looks content and smoldering right now. Has post-hipster toronto Dudery discovered the secret? I hope not, because the rest of the world needs DREAMS!

Yes, still.

Love probably Jase

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