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Monday, September 28, 2009

je taime

Sonia Rykiel. is. a. genius.

It was a cosmic trifecta. I was looking through old post and old purchases thinking how I loved Sonia's 40th anniversary run-way show tribute SO much and how my rainbow knits make me SOO happy even in the (getting) cold mornings. Then while perusing books with my dad on Saturday afternoon, I fell in love with the giant Sonia (night-stand not coffee-table worthy) bible. Today I awoke from the buzzing of my phone, a equally obsessed friend letting me know that Sonia will be the next H&M collaborator.



teen witch said...
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Anonymous said...

looooovvvvveeeee sonia

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

I know, we are so excited too! Amaazing photo of her.

Can't believe we've only just discovered your blog!

We'll be back!
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