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Friday, October 3, 2008

paris, oh paris, be mine

With the exception of Lara's backstage stint at Betsey in NY we haven't posted much of anything on the shows this season.

This one was a must.

There are few things I like more then Classic Parisian design and kind gestures between mothers and daughters, throw in an anniversary surprise, and I'm officially head over heels.

Last year at Betsey's 30th anniversary show in NY, tears were free-flowing down my face. Although I watched this show, (Sonia Rykiel s/s '09) on my laptop in bed and was many miles from the
national park of Saint Cloud, it still managed to cause an intense reaction: smiles, giggles, jumps up-and-down, and goosebumps allover.

Sonia Rykiels spring/summer collection opened the show and it closed with a celebration of her 40 years in the fashion biz. A tribute organized by her daughter which consisted of models in Rykiel-inspired looks designed by 30 of fashions biggest names.

Ralph Lauren

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin

Bernhard Willhelm

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel

Martin Margiela


Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Martine Sitbon

Vivienne Westwood

which is your favorite?
I'd trade any of them for an afternoon with my Mamma, so I'm out.


awe struck benny said...

HOLY MMMMMOLY, So Amazing, I am inspired to be the best at what I do today (and hopefully other days too) even if it is only a commercial for Kohl's Department stores!!! Ha, Hardly Paris at all but wow, behold the power of Ms. Rykiel.

My Fave is certainly Gaultier however that being said Castelbajac gets big big originality points, I mean it's her face, C'mon now, crazy.

The whole bloody thing is crazy crazy crazy, I would watch the show right now if It wouldn't make me late for Kohl's ...

tonight's the night, tonight's the night , tonight's the night, tonight's the night, tonight's the night...

teen witch said...

just so mamma knows,

i would trade them all in a heartbeat for her to come visit in toronto for a day.

---guilt trip.?

teen witch said...

that said- here! here! benneeee! i agree... i love that gaultier and i love that castelbajac.

smoking in the boys room said...

I know these type of posts are about the fashions, and the mise-en-scene, but is it ok if I find them "erotical".


-vixen in tophat bowtie fuschia dress big shoes
-La Ms Stripy sweater, french beret ocean of romantic risk and reward in her posture
-Rainbow skirt (scary face, but probably not after she's washed her eye makeup off)
-redhair gyspsy hat cardigan long skirt (long skirts work, tell the girls)SHE'S THE WINNER BY THE WAY!
-Obama jumper (pardon le pun)
-Both girls who are ACTUALLY WEARING HAIR!

Also, I'm aware that fashion is Australian about their seasons (it's fall, but the clothes are spring...right?) however, I would not be mad at my date wearing any of these outfits on a brisk October day (as long as she's ok with going to a lazer Dark Side of The Moon in the observatory).

The girl who's knitting her own outfit as she walks down the runway deserves an honourable mention for resourcefulness.

and I'm spent

Matthew said...

I like the Vivienne piece. It looks like MIA should wear it, or is she already?
The model in the top hat is striking a mean surfing pose and it definitely works.

Anonymous said...

amazing collection and amazing concept that only a daughter could imagine, invent, inspire, organize and celebrate...all those designers love sonja but did that they did because they were asked by her daughter.
what would we do without our daughters...and sons.

smoking in the boys room said...

Perfect little elipse.

"...and sons."

I'm so down with anonymous right now. If you ever need a clever name to comment under, just email me at

girls smoke too, even in bed sometimes said...

boys room - I totally agree and am happy you don't believe in dressing for seasons

'fashion is Australian about their seasons'--brilliant!

sarah nicole said...

i love, lovelovelove, the alber elbaz of course, and also the gaultier.

i wanted to write about this show but i couldn't, it was just SO MUCH.

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