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Thursday, August 21, 2008

big ticket item

i need a new pair - these might just be the ones...


teen witch said...

smarty-pants. i like em. very light weight... i feel a shift away from the heavy deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee frames.

you know when "blank" is wearing them they're lame.

Anonymous said...

you are the opposite of blonde, and very cute in those glasses.

buxtar napthousands said...

round frames for the win!

the cute police said...

again, you arrested

Cute Diddy said...

I agree with the extra terrestrial narcoleptic above.

Win of the battle, not the war.

The war for sight.

The victor of which is not forseen.


sarah nicole said...

you know how i feel about these. really, if you ask me? the more we can see of your face, the better. xo.

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