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Sunday, August 10, 2008

it's raining men

This night is going to be the theme of a much juicer blog post to come. For now, I couldn't help steal these photos from John Wilson.
If your friends are cool, theme parties are an awesome way to celebrate a birthday.


Jody said...

miss you kids so much!
heart heart heart

SICK. said...

"if your friends are cool, theme parties are an awesome way to spend celebrate a birthday"

thanks !
& i'm from ottawa (okay well not really, it's more like gatineau in quebec but i live just on the other side of the ottawa river, so i like to say i'm from ottawa). and you two are from toronto i gather ? your pictures look like you should be famous.
like the cobrasnake but less annoying.


Anonymous said...

I want more photos of Dan's birthday!!!

lara said...

the count down begins only an other week till i can blog again. yeay

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