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Thursday, August 21, 2008

no smoking in the boys room .... or girls gallery

A few random photos from lunch breaks and long walks. 


Anonymous said...

is that danielle's gallery?

bored said...

yes! It is!

We are so proud of her that she maintains her sanity working in a light-less environment filled with extremely pricey glass works !

impressed said...

pretty, maintains a job, eats muffins, and wears a lot of black... that danielle is a gem.

IllGetYOuInTheAirplaneBathrooms said...

EXCUSE ME, but that sign CLEARLY says NO SMOKING. for shaaaame . . .

gigi said...

danie, love the silhouette!

work it.

Benny...? said...

Dani looks shamed and unimpressed by all these smoking shanannigans unfolding in her workplace. What exactly went on here .... for shame is right.

billy dreamer said...

I tried to offer a lighter into the monitor

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We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

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vincent merany

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