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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

around the merry-go-round

when most girls are tucked away under the covers, everybody's favourtie early bird is drinking homemade tea and sewing up a storm.

Miss. lara vincent has been putting obscure little trinkets on hair pins for years, and after an impressive trip across the pond, her new skill set is even more elaborate - leather flowers, feathers shaped like hearts, and pieces that demand full attention in the coyest of ways.

when given the opportunity to wear one of her pieces you can't help feel lucky, when asked to 'model' them, you can't help demand wine. five of us gathered, dressed in black and did our best not to smile for the camera while aaron took our photos. Dressing up in original LV creations
we felt like fairies in a garden while outside it was a blizzard in the prairies... look forward to a blog in-the-works that will feature professional shots of the pieces where YOU can order a custom creation


Anonymous said...

gorgeous girls...oh ya, the hair pieces pop too!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos of beautiful women and great head pieces

Anonymous said...

i'm in love...with all of them

Anonymous said...

great job could model and sell anything..

Anonymous said...

where does one sign up to join this bevy? the prairies never looked so me

meghan said...

amazing amazing amazing

kristen said...

so pretty! I love them, I want one!

bennyblownaway said...

Never in my life have I been privileged enough to meet such a collectively beautiful bunch of girls who to top that off ... are all friends??? didn't we all see jawbreaker?? I thought that didn't exist in real life .... or movies apparently.

Vaneska said...


Anonymous said...

all been done before.

brawlin' benny said...

I hate you anonymous.
Way to be a tough guy and stand behind your opinion by leaving your name. ... oh ...... wait a minute ...... you did the exact opposite.
so lame.

you know who said...

Anon means tomorrow, but more like "so yesterday."

In fact anon can mean later.

So later Anonymouse


A Known Louse said...

Oh yeah, Benny, I got your back in these scraps.

A Known Louse said...

Oh yeah, Benny, I got your back in these scraps.

hair today gone anon said...

I remember back before this blog was famous, when almost all of the comments were anonymous. It takes a village. Hope hope hope.


Due to reports that my flattery is often misconstrued as fatuous gloss. My 09 resolution is ALL CAPS, no poetry, written like a tween.

Ok thx bai

Take the fifth said...

Oh, yeah.

Lara, can you make a sports headband for a man that has a fake cigarette that goes behind the ear?

I am willing to pay you (minimum) two dollars.


-message sent from a glass bottomed submarine pay phone.

sarah nicole said...

this could inspire obsession of virgin suicides proportions.

the boys, across the street, are dialing your phone numbers over and over and hanging up just before you answer, out of breath, one high heel on and the other in your hand. they are writing you postcards and dedicating future novels to you.

Brittany said...

this is wonnnnderful! can't wait to see his pictures!

Anonymous said...

everybody looks so pretty

liza101 said...

can't wait!!!

sar said...

i wanna go back to this day
love you ladies

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