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Friday, January 2, 2009

holiday time is best spent. . .

making sure we understand each otherletting your friends invite themselves over
resting on the couch from time to time

sitting by the fire
friendly flirting
doing this

and this
and in balenciaga boots

only a few days left before i leave home to go back home.

never enough time.


sar said...

to clarify: i forced melissa to have us ova, and not the other way around.


teen witch said...

yama hama, it's fright night in that first one.

but- i'm happy to start off the holiday posts.. can't wait to see you girlies tonight...first time we'll all be in the same city since......winnipeg. ha!


goobye 08, hate hate hate said...

1) Provided he choses "letting it grow" over "getting it sculpted," In a few months Patches and Trainor will have the same haircut.

2) Is Balenciaga italian for "mildly hookerish"

Ok, so unfair, delete please. For the good of the city

don't judge what you don't know said...

balenciaga is el supremo and boy bangs are all the rage

chief justice lance vido said...

I know what Balenciaga is, I have google. I also have bangs, neatly trimmed, out of my eyes bangs. I am also not an emogoth.

bjorn fan said...

don't get carried away

meghan said...

holiday time is best spent in winnipeg.
marvelous memories, ladies.

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