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Friday, January 9, 2009

everytime you say goodbye i say hello, hello

this night really reinforced how important music can be and how sometimes, although very rare, it can be so right.

So far it seems as if '09 isn't too much different from '08, resolutions are (meant to be) broken and we are all still trying to keep warm and dry. I vote for a do-over count down, and more countdowns on other nights too. Whatever your plans to feel fine in '09, be sure to make time for hellos and goodbyes, good music nights, and walks in the park because (as if we didn't already know) the city can make you crazy.


teen witch said...

everyone looks like such a babe in the pictures! shannon holy moly you are just so beautiful!!!

gigi said...

i must agree with teen witch!

that hair shannon! wowza!!

Champ de Mars said...

in that top picture if you blur your eyes richard looks like he is wearing an Eiffel tower hat.

Anonymous said...

hey richard, keep your lip's off my gf

Dick said...

christ, how many people is dani stringing along? this looks like a really fun night.

did the count-down ever even end up happening? i could've sworn the tape was still over the clocks the next day.

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