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Monday, April 20, 2009

please look and ogle and google

down the rabbit hole i went this morning

this here is my little etsy link...


Dick said...


wait, are you two girls back in toronto??? i'm headed to new york on thursday!!

Genevieve said...

larry! sooo very cute! your talent surprises me more and more everyday! xo <3 <3 <3

teen witch said...


Anonymous said...

so proud little larry loo
do you know it's me?

Bra-chmaninoff said...

So I was at the club, and I saw this fine girlie wearing a little head ribbon with a bone in it. I walked up, made sure my heat was crooked and that the hologram sticker caught the light, I pulled up the collar on my cool black leather jacket and said:

"Wanna Bone?"

She totally wanted to. I'm thinking of starting a blog called "HY MM M N NTRNT TV!" Do you think that's a good name?

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