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Saturday, July 11, 2009


I wouldn't know, I don't have cable.


carli mia said...

I'm sorry, wait, so who is "Bruno"? Is this, like, a film?

Benjamin said...

Living with Sar means I don't have cable either, don't know who that scruffy man is but that is a swoon face if I have ever seen one D Forest, you look grand.

Lisa said...

Yhat's the guy from the city, no? Cute as pie...

teen witch said...

meh forget the city. i like to think of him from his spontaneous appearances in australian vogue modelling! haha

pst. i would prefer bruno.

BBQ said...

Does this mean Danny is on The Hills? Is that the Sara Blondended show? I heard that girls from The Hills have crushes on Dube.

That guy looks like a metro/retro Ralph Macchio.


truth police said...

Yo, Lisa...can I call you Lease? Good.

Yo, Lease, pies are not cute, buttons are cute, pies are easy.

Get it straight.

As an arrow. Or, failing that - a ruler.


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Chris said...

What if the pie filling was made of buttons and the crust was made of cute girls?

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