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Monday, July 13, 2009

pendleton X opening ceremony

This is the best collaboration i've seen since this one

Pendleton, a west coast staple label has teamed up with the best in the east, NY's Opening Ceremony, and the results are amazing jackets,wool suits, and even shoes composed of Native American prints.

Independently they both do the blanket very well.

For Pendleton my favourite are the spirit blankets.

And OC's towels make me wanna convert my cement based front yard space into a sun-soaking spot.


Vaneska said...

wonderful, now if only i can afford it

teen witch said...

ahhh i'm obsessed with pendletons. i'll steal you a book of the largest personal pendleton collection, and essays about their history (at work we sell them).

i need one of those guys!!!


down with the aboriginals.

Jody said...

i pretty much need EVERY jacket!!! SO WONDERFUL i am peeing my pants <3

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