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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tommy has a new blog! YAY!
The photos already seem like they have a way different vibe: less shoes, more humour.
I'm soooooo into it, bookmark that shit:


Anonymous said...

love tommy! thanks for the link

Russless said...

I saw this on The Cut today, and adored the hand-sketched sign. Even better though--Biz has the couture brown bag.

I'm admittedly tired of anything recession chic, but that pic cracked a full-tooth smile.

Thanks Biz.

Dr. Obama said...

Less shoes more humour.

You should make this motto for your nation, when you start one.

Prof. Clinton said...

Is recession chic actually a thing? Isn't it just "poor." I thought fashion folk saw Zoolander? The term already exists it's "Derilicte"

General Knowledge said...

What's the verdict on flip flops ladies? Love em, or LOSE em???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they are only acceptable at the beach. and barely there.

burt and ken stock said...

show your face, anti-flipflop forces

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