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Monday, November 12, 2007

all you need is love

It was a weekend of celebration. There were birthdays, graduations, kisses from strangers, pink champagne, globe’s as gifts, many fancy meals and lots of laughs.


Benny was a hero standing out in the freezing cold to meet and greet ms. Juliette Lewis, who is sporting a Lara Vincent original head piece.


biz said...

that's right, benny is back on the blog!

BBQ said...

Wow! Nice head strap! Clara and Corey Elkaim are some talented siblings.


"Make It Raine Celebrity Charmers and Fashion Force Street Team"

benjamin raine said...

Okay, hold up ... Who is BBQ and how did they think of such an unreal business ... it's like they read my mind and stole the idea I never even got to have. It goes with our celeb photo wall and everything .... wait a minute, it's starting to click ... could it be either sar or lar?? if so, boy is my face red.

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