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Friday, November 23, 2007

fancy pants' party

loot baging

angle eyes

bathtub bands

ben loving

cake cutting

chin scratching


dzzzzzzzzzzani said...

i'm so sad i missed the party! it looked like so much girly-fun.

can we all hang out soon and dance and write on post its and...and...and...?

benjamin raine said...

Girly-fun?? I'm pretty sure Timbo and I manned up that party at least a few notches .... girly-fun ppfffft. Speaking of Tim and myself, i love how excited I am about his button (maybe that part was a little girlie)

lara said...

i would have to say i think the boys actually out numberd the girls, for once.

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richie van halen said...

who's crescenet.

apologies for my sexism. the party should not have been gendered, it completely goes against everything sarah and i occassionally talk about.

i'm sad i miss the boys and girls gaggle in fun.

side note: i'm organizing a guitar hero party at that bar on college that used to be tiger bar. so far, it's just brent and i. but i'd be pleased for any and all to join. fun fun fun. we'll drink beer and eat nachos and play heart's crazy on you and lynyrd skynyrd's free bird and rolling stone's can't you hear me knocking and and and...

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