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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My family is cooler then your family.

Although I am not a huge football fan, I can appreciate that there are few cooler stories in the history of the Canadian
Grey Cup than that of the 1957 tripper! I am proud to say that it is my grandfather that famously took down Hamilton defensive back, Ray Bawel, and got away with it. The live footage is hilarious and easy to access.

See grey cup video:1957 Classic moments

For a full story, there is also a recent article in the Globe.

Full Story-Globe&Mail

Thanks to an uncle of the same name, I was lucky enough to attend this event 50 years later. I kept waiting for something dramatic and exciting to happen in the crowd, along the sidelines, in the never ending beer line up...Turns out, something like that only happens once every 50 years!

Family subway trip

The Man, The Myth, The Legend


cranky said...

update biznatches.

we need to go out more. jjjeeeeeeeeez-uh!

Anonymous said...

HA! That is the definition of classic. My respect to your cheeky grandfather.

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