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Thursday, May 29, 2008

bizness casual?


Benny and the Jets said...

Heck yes that's Bizzness Casual, now I want to see a picture of you in it behind your desk, maybe typing?? Not typing too fast though, a casual type .... bizzness casual type, like the outfit.

See what I did there?? That's called a full circle comment.

dresstoimpress said...

very cute. I would hire you.

Pretty Toney said...


PS: Yo, Big Benny Cessna with the 360 degree styles! Good lookin out!

Anonymous said...

i saw you on the street and just found this blog and put it together that you were the cute girl wearing those amazing sonia rykiel spectator shoes with gems...

you should link your blog to mine!

Anonymous said...

i was surfin blogs and saw those eyes, those stripes, that style, that backdrop of books and my little heart wanna be her! she is who i wanna be....
no lie...anon

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