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Monday, May 19, 2008

im sure victoria (day) is great but what about sarah...

...and danielle, genna, mellisa, shannon, jacinta, jody, sharon, erica, robin, jen, greta,

i think everyday should have a different name and whatever day your name falls on will be a holiday/ celebration of best friends, a holiday just for you and your bestfriend. if i was prime minister i would make everyday a celebration of how much i love sarah,

4 comments: said...

I love her too.
Let's make every day sarah day

sarah (1/2 biz) said...


yes! so cute!
lets write letters and get the ball rollin. Biz day? happy day? mufti day? movie day?
you are so full of great ideas.

MegZie said...

mufti day. but we should put a new spin on it? no. Like fun muffs???

Anonymous said...

mmmmmeee tooo!!!!
a day wouldn't be enough to celebrate sarah....maybe an era..the era of cool, of laughter, of uber spontaenaety, sorry can't spell, the era of robust fun, laughter and joy.....

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