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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I like boys who play video games.

Karl Lagerfeld will be playing a role in the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto, where he'll DJ on air at the game's Studio station. 

I like it when creative industries cross over- gaining the attention of otherwise uninterested parties. That said, I think this game gives you the dizzies.


whocareswhatithink said...

I think this is very interesting. A mash up of modern media, music, fashion and entertainment.

neat. said...


That Old U of M Graffiti said...

Video game mindslave

Anonymous said...

informative post.

Anonymous said...

oh karl. After that crazy diet, no one knew what you were going to get up to games, eh? Suiting I guess, the imaginary world that is induced by both video gaming and the wonderful and superficial world of fashion, fantasy, creativity and illusion... Interesting parallel, it is very neat to experience the things you find to be relevant via your blog posts. Cool.

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