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Saturday, May 17, 2008

summer time, and the livin's easy

no complaints...

the summer thus far has been filled with lots of lady love...patio parties
...puppy dog pouts tamales

thanks to one special boy we had the wind blowing through our hair, now this may not seem like much to the winnipeg folk who take driving for granted, but after a day in the car, i couldn't have been more happy, look at dani's grin, that's genuine.

I some how have ended up at the victory almost every night this week, it's like a magnet, i keep getting drawn in, or maybe its the cute boys.

look at these two, have you ever seen something so cute.


Anonymous said...

blue jays! yowsa who's the stud with greta.

eric clapton said...

i love this post. i'm so happy it's summer and victory and my patio party season.

day of the dead festival mexican siesta is comin' up soon....

and (tear) a goodbye larry party. (tear, tear).

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