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Monday, October 27, 2008

all in a week's work

As Toronto Fashion Week comes to an end, I must say, it was wonderful to see you after so long, drink bad coffee and have you turn my parenthesis into commas and magically make it make sense. You are the best company in the cold, and tuck a tie in so well, and thanks to you for giving me the gig.

now everybody get some sleep and soak your feet.

Photo below: Q & A between Adrian Mainella (Fashion File) and
Tyler Brûle (the man behind the influential and awesome Wallpaper magazine)

Q : Which one is a Winnipeger?

A: magnificent magazine founder

Part of the week's purpose is to remind us of our homegrown talents. Shake out some of that self-hating Canadian attitude that follows electing a conservative leader and consuming too much maple syrup.

One of my new favorties from the week - morales

An older favourtie

Above: Jeremy Laing with hot husband Frank

Below: A Jeremy Laing design at HR meet-and-greet

and my absolute all-time unbeatable favourite...the 1/2 biz

Below: smokin' hair piece by the one and only LV



teen witch said...

that pic of robin on the floor doing up that model's shoes is the best!

agreed said...

although teen witch + heavy side part = also a big winner

biz said...

much better.
tteee hee
your too funny

a well mannered young lady. said...

I dressed her and then got the shoes out and it was the funniest thing - without actually exchanging any words it was evident that she was completely unwilling to put the shoes on herself.

I'm totally stealing this photo for facebook.

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vincent merany

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