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Friday, October 3, 2008

thursday night i had the great honor of accompanying two toronto hotties (paul and justin) to a promotions/art party off wall street. what pretty pieces of work

the night before a lovely parisian took me to the bowery for a virgins show, isn't she a button

kissy lips with the virgins
oh, i thought this was funny, good old aa
this is a pick of some of my work at betsey

on one of my walks home these guys were out side penn station, it was amazing. this is why im loving this city
dancing in the street
so my link doesnt work but im going to try and get this video to you some how


teen witch said...

oh i miss you miss you miss you!

let's meet at your cottage in two days and make watermelon salad, buy a bottle of wine, and sing 'closing time' by lenny cohen....


everyone you know said...

Wow, this spot is so pretty. More please.

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We are two best friends: Sarah and Lara.

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vincent merany

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