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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sista sista

Years ago I struggled to attend the annual end of summer Virgin Music Festival. Danielle & I arrived on Toronto Island after a very cramped ferry ride only to realize we had left our tickets on the mainland. After some innocent first-year flirting, we managed to make our way in sans passes. Some fun was had, but by the looks of it not nearly as much as this year. When casually glancing at Elle Canada's photos of the event, I came across this adorable photo of a member of the Marantz/Rykiss/Hutcheson/Cherpack clan that composes my immediate family. Rebecca Rykiss (below, left) you are too cute

and this one of long time friend Justina (also very cute)!


benvolio said...

Becca you are taking over the Toronto Paparazzi already!! Come over for dinner whenever you aren't going to premiere's with Ryan, Rachel and Daria or what ever you people do. We will make a meal fit for a Canadian celeb, I promise. I'll even give you a Kiss Ry-ght on the cheek.

See what I did there with the whole last name thing .... I thought it was clever, even more so before I explained it, in print.

Anonymous said...

cute hats ladies on the bottom

too drunk to fuck said...

the blog looks great biz. miss ya. xoxo

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