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Thursday, July 10, 2008

fly little bird fly

pretty girls and boys in black and white 
Nothern Young did a special performance for the biz biz.
"Lara, Lara, Lara, ya shes going on tour
from Portage and Main
to Bathurst and Bloor"

TorontoPeg - ya, that's what it says

a heart shaped chip 

biz got giggly

the show must go on

kiss me? how could i resist it?

if you have brown hair please move to the left of the photo
blond hair, lets see you on the right  

today we work hard to clean the sink

 we miss you more 


Anonymous said...

i just love the biz blog so much right now, I type that i realize it sounds so cheesy - - but it's so true!

lara said...

why do birds suddenly appear
every time
you are near

woody allen said...

those girls throw the best parties! i can't believe northern yonge performed???!!!!

so cute that you're all in black and white a la manhatten.

Benny said...

Isn't it though?? I have the best friends. Best party theme followed by best blog post. Black and White is the new Coloured.

liza101 said...

I love the first Northern Yonge photo because Cameron's two fingers is in it as well... the whole trio!

liza101 said...

sorry are in it, nothing worse than bad internet grammer

Pmilk said...

Everybody looks great, Sar i think you bare a strong mother/daughter resemblence in the solo photo above.

Anonymous said...

hey pmilk....i'll take that as a huge compliment!
ps great and white is timeless....overstated but true...and everyone looks so gorgeous.

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