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Sunday, July 13, 2008

one part work - one part walk

sonia rykiel on the left - adidas on the right

dr. martin on the left- feiyue on the right


melanie (danielle) griffith said...

well we certainly wouldn't if we didn't have our running shoes...

hey ohhhhhh working girl!

high-tops said...

errr get to work on time.

Dick said...

fancy footwear

the apprentice yachtsman said...

I'm wearing a weathered old boat shoe on the right foot and just took my sock and shoe off on the left. Well, that crusty old Mage really was onto something. It's like my toes can "hear"

blackisback said...

a lot of black for work in this crazy hot summer weather!

teen witch said...

i just don't feel myself in colour..ever.

Swedish Ambassador To The next level said...

I learn so much from this website:

1) Black is the new new neo-black
2) You both work AND walk
3) Witches do not fly brooms to the office.
4) They have offices.
5) Smart is the new cute

youknowhowtomakemehappy said...

SMART IS THE NEW CUTE - that my Swedish friend is awesome!

Girl Talk said...

I had a three way with those bitches

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