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Friday, July 18, 2008

tripping but not falling

mimosas on my way to italy
first class, champagne, on rose mary lane
fancy feelings
dozing on pommery, living the dream

my skype is down
i am wearing a frown
i can't blog
my computer is in some sort of fog

it must be london.

living in notting hill
im happy as a kitten on this mew..


the benj said...

You are so cute it is almost gross. I love you and I miss you.

danielle said...

you are such a dollface.

love and miss you. xo

My Heart said...

It is not chilly in here right now

Everyone Alive said...

No matter how many times you trip it will always be a pleasure to pick you up.

Jody said...

it's nice to hear some words from you.. sweet as candy.
you'll have to tell me all the details of the fun you are having if i ever learn wtf skype is..

walt whitman said...

you know larry, that poem is actually really really good. and i know a lot about poetry.

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