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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday BBQ


The Benj said...


I don't even eat Burg's but that veggie madness with the guac and BBQ sauce combo was sumpin' else (let's get serious it was no trump burger, but ...) I vote yes on the ballot concerning yes/no to sunday BBQ's.

PS if you squint you can see me with my special ring baby for our last few hours together .... tear .... followed by more tears .....followed by a few racking sobbs.

BBQ said...

"guac and BBQ sauce combo"


actual girls (fifteen and under) said...

Ummm, hi...we've sort of been hoping that we can make you girls who run this blog and appear on it, ummm...our role models?

Is that ok?

We promise to be really nice and to compliment our role models on their outfits (you look like fashion models anyway I mean come on). We also promise never to pay attention to what you do after 8PM.

Nine is our bedtime, so we won't let your big girl night time activities ruin your role modeling career.

Ok, gotta go, it's our turn to play Wii.

hamburglar said...

eat a sandwich

The benj said...

I want you girls to be my daytime-only role models too.

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