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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I will no longer be afraid of the unknown .... all senses of the word

My partner in all things biz has left the island and while she is away she is cleverly using skype to phone me ( and other people to). The service is awesome, you call from your computer and feel like a CEO living in the future. . . The only catch is when you use it to call a cell phone, the number comes up as UNKNOWN...It used to scare me but now I'm cool with it.

When I typed "unknown" into Google - this was the first image that came up, photo by Zhang Huan.


newestinternatbiz-bizInc. said...

Pic, Post, You Two ..... It is almost more than I can handle, where would I be without you??? I retract and have no desire in knowing the answer because it is not so.

giovanny said...

its weird.

(my cousin commenting on the photo unknown)

unknown said...

miss you bizzy

Anonymous said...

this is a summer of cousins, awesome

superunkown said...

I was going to comment as anonymous. There's nothing like The Most Known Unknown

Look at what track 7 is

superunknown said...

oops spelled my name wrong

collar poped said...


Every since I can remember...

Superunkown you know I got mad love for ya

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