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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aliza shvarts ain't got nothing on Polanski.

They can't make movies as fast as I can watch them. I'm getting the feeling that I've seen every movie, to cope I've been going back to old favorites to re-experience all the goodness.

There are so many reasons to love Rosemary's baby. Rosemary, the waifish wife is played by the one and only Mia Farrow, and her handsome husband is played by John Cassavetes.

During the movie she chops her hair off courtesy of Vidal Sassoon, while he literally makes a deal with the devil.

This Roman Polanski film is relevant as it addresses a woman's control over her own body. But furthermore, it got everyone thinking about boys haircuts on pretty girls and reminded us that pregnancy is a scary deal.


superwoofer said...

I love this movie, SO much!

Kellz From Shy-Town said...

Shout out Polanski!


muchtoomuchfreetime. said...

if you do a internet search of "aliza shvarts polanski", the biz-biz blog is the first one that comes up. ..

Anonymous said...

fabulous look back at one of the great old films...check out "the tenant" a psychological thriller (another Polanski) that doesn't disappoint....
Love Doc John!
Keep up the morning hit

jason's favourite witch said...

mannnn. i have dreamt of owning that stinky necklace for years....

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