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Friday, April 4, 2008

boy and girl bloggers extraordinaire

I recently acquired the ability to easily form links. In celebration I figured I would promote some other awesome blog spaces, these two are worth you time.

Is this girl adorable, or what?

Every time I see her I wish I wore my hair curly more often.


Click the link to be magically transported to her-space, where she writes about events around Toronto, her djing gigs, art, astronauts, music, treehouses, architecture, billboards, girlfights, cool candy, and all other things rad, hip, and stimulating. She is sure to please any scholar, hipster, music lover, sneaker fan, bored interneter, or boy looking to acquire a new crush.

Jason Parker Quinton gives me the giggles.

His blog is a metaphorical mashup of music, popculture, politics and art. His space is riddled with references, and hilariously clever videos, images, and commentary. He is somehow the kindest boy on the planet and also very skilled at girl talk. He is one of my favorite people. Did I mention he is single and likes to cuddle?



BBQ said...

It's all true.

IT'S A SHAAAAME! But it's all true.

Anonymous said...

very cute.

Kazilar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
windy said...

can i get a date?

Jason's Assistant said...

These dates are currently available:

1) Dinosaur wing.
2) Pretending to be Australian @ The Bay.
3) Masquerading as newlyweds @ Urban Furnishings.
4) Ice cream parlour.
5) Feedin' pidgeons.
6) Ten pin.

*All dates preceeded by a screening of Transformers @ the Imax.

**You will want to change your online social network status to "it's complicated" or "in a relationship" in advance.

rightleftupdown said...

both are GREAT

thedarkhairedwitch said...

i think it was agreed- at a family dinner when i was a naive and vulnerable seventeen years of age- that i would be your future wife.
please, remove yourself from this meat market pseudo-ing as "the biz."

post-script: i chose date #3. but only if we coordinate our outfits just ever so slightly, so that it doesn't look like it was done on purpose, but instead like it we just evolved into dressing like each other.

Anonymous said...

where does the cute boy live?

Anonymous said...

jason's blog is fucking hilarious...loved the mccartney rolex song and clip from SNL with Walken...classic..
have a great day girls
mom (beej)

Anonymous said...


Vaneska said...


You post too often for me. I now read your blog EVERYDAY.

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