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Thursday, April 3, 2008

H&M stands for holy moly

i just read that Rei Kawakubo from comme des garcons is doing a line for H&M


Anonymous said...

holy shit man.
biz, can you geuss who this is?
miss you
close my door

-Opie Portugal said...

Imitation is the most sloppy form of flattery. Biters got more than they can chew and they can't keep they moufs closed.

miss jay said...

accessibility for all!

i read that too.

ps: i know who anonymous is.

Hmmm... said...

hey opie, rei is more interesting/informed than you.

so if she wants to bring it to the masses, who are you to be snarly and critical?

these h & m lines are mildly reminiscent of the way "low" art, ie: craft and illustration, are currently being placed in the "high" art sphere, ie: galleries, normally reserved for painting and/or sculpture. except vice versa.

and, if rei is designing it, is it really imitation? if vapid fashion were strictly reserved for a certain class, it would suck.

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